Saturday, February 23, 2008

Deja Vu?

Guess what happened to me again!

I know the pictures say it all but I must elaborate. Yes, another blow out. And it happened at the same place that my last blow out occurred.
I was just driving along eating my poptart and listening to noventa y ocho punto uno (Spanish radio station, I consider it another form of studying for my spanish class. ¿ Soy lista, no?) on my way home from Insertnamehere University. When allofasudden there was a loud noise; it sounded like something had hit the car. Then the back drivers side of the car started to shake big time. But then it stopped. I pulled over anyways, and called my mommy! I told her what happened. “Yeah,” she said in a groggy voice. “Come on home.” “Did she hear me?” I wondered. But I hung up and got back on the road anyways. “Any minute now, I'll be driving on the rims,” I thought. I prayed the whole thirty minutes it took me to get home: “Lord, please let me make it all the way back!” Well, I did. And we found the tires just like that. That's the second time in four months this has happened! But I guess it was worse the first time. At least this time I made it home before the tire gave away.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lock Down

The other day when I was at work a security man came down to the media center and told us to evacuate the building. Some one had made a threat and was thought to be armed. They were still searching for him so we had to evacuate. We were the last to be told because the media center is in the basement. So our boss told us to put everything away and clock out. When we had clocked out and left the building, there was a crowd of people on the other side of the court yard. So my friend and I walked over, my other friend GPS joined us. It turns out that the other building had been evacuated also. That person could be anywhere! What would I do if something happened? Where would I go? The building was locked down. Go to the business center, I guess? But that was so far away, not to mention its a rather boring building.
Then a security guard told every one that the area was on lock down and everyone had to get inside a building that was not off limits. I had a feeling that this would last several hours, so I decided to head home. Then GPS followed me to the parking lot. He didn't want to get stuck in a building and miss his bus, so I offered him a lift to his next bus stop.
It was a 20 minute drive in the opposite direction from my house, which is 40-45 minutes away from where I work. On the way GPS told me how he had gotten lost in the city. The funny thing was, he had his GPS with him the whole time; he just didn't remember right away!
Well, I dropped him off, and headed home. I read the news online. Now the local police were searching the surrounding town. Later I learned that they found the culprit, and the lock down was lifted.
Now that I think about it, how scary! I'm glad I was able to come home. But how about all those people that had to stay in the buildings? I'd never thought something like this would happen in such a small town. I was taken completely off guard. I didn't even believe it at first. However, all in all, I'm very surprised about how little it fazed me. I was not very worried for my safety. I mean, sure I was praying that no one would get hurt, and that everything would turn out all right. But how could it affect me so little at the time? I had no fear for myself. Maybe it was God's peace? I don't really know.