Saturday, February 23, 2008

Deja Vu?

Guess what happened to me again!

I know the pictures say it all but I must elaborate. Yes, another blow out. And it happened at the same place that my last blow out occurred.
I was just driving along eating my poptart and listening to noventa y ocho punto uno (Spanish radio station, I consider it another form of studying for my spanish class. ¿ Soy lista, no?) on my way home from Insertnamehere University. When allofasudden there was a loud noise; it sounded like something had hit the car. Then the back drivers side of the car started to shake big time. But then it stopped. I pulled over anyways, and called my mommy! I told her what happened. “Yeah,” she said in a groggy voice. “Come on home.” “Did she hear me?” I wondered. But I hung up and got back on the road anyways. “Any minute now, I'll be driving on the rims,” I thought. I prayed the whole thirty minutes it took me to get home: “Lord, please let me make it all the way back!” Well, I did. And we found the tires just like that. That's the second time in four months this has happened! But I guess it was worse the first time. At least this time I made it home before the tire gave away.

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Lady G~ said...

Baby Girl, I heard you correctly. But I also distinctly remember you saying that the noise had stopped. Hence my word, "Drive home safely". Have I mentioned to you just how often I pray for you, you siblings and your dad? Some of my "precise" words, "Lord, put a hedge of protection around them, and may satan not find a loophole to mess with them." :o)