Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Break Begins....Now!!

I'm over half way through my Spring break and just today I've finished my homework. So break officially begins now. How cruel of my teachers to give me so much homework and schedule tests for when I come back. That aint right. Well, no more talk about that stuff... Its break time!!

Yesterday I went shopping for dresses with my Mom and sisters. (I had actually gotten excited about it, and that's big because I don't enjoy shopping) I didn't get very good pictures because they walked so fast. (But I'll call them “action shots” instead blurry pictures, 'k?) My Mom and sisters can be like power-walkers when it comes to shopping. Or maybe that was just the way I felt because I was wearing bad walking shoes. (We were going to a “candle party” right afterwards, so we were dressed and ready for that). I had borrowed a pair of my Mom's black shoes, and they were killing my feet!

Here's a picture of my Mom and Icarus *(note: henceforth she will be Ilmarë) with her Victoria's Secret Bag. *Ooooh, la la la!* Not really! She just bought a body spray that she likes there.

And here is Yavanna, my younger sister, talking on the phone with Steps while waiting for Mom. Yavanna is always talking on the phone with Steps and Ilmarë is always texting Airman-G (or at least it seems that way).

I wanted to take more pictures because we don't really get to do many "just the girls stuff" together. But a lot of stores are finicky about cameras and taking pictures. I didn't want to get caught up in stuff like that, so I was careful.

In the end we all got some really cute stuff♥ I've never been so enthusiastic about these kinds of things. Maybe its because I actually found some stuff that I like in my size. And that's rare, because, until just recently, I was teetering between the girls sizes and the womens sizes. But that is the case no longer! I have moved on up, huzzah!

I look forward to the rest of my break! It should be relaxing. I should have more to blog about soon.

Oh! I just looked down at my poor aching feet (they still hurt from yesterday). And I have blisters on my poor little toes! How can girls wear fancy shoes all the time? I wear one pair for just a few hours and I start hobbling like an l.o.l. (little old lady)! Hey, now this means I have an excuse not to wear shoes....

*note: At first, I was having a little trouble finding/coming up with appropriate pseudonyms for my family. I really liked Icarus for My older sister, Soaring Amongst The Clouds. But then I decided to give the rest of my family names of characters from Tolkien's Legendarium that are similar in character to them. So I had to change her name as well.


Dreamer~ said...

I thought Ilmarë means "call me" in Spanish...

...Estë... said...

Oh, they are very similar. But, in Spanish "call me" is llámeme. I think Tolkien derived Ilmarë from the name of a Finnish god. That guy [Tolkien] is awesome. *I like the little polka dots over the "e," they look pretty cool.*

Lady G~ said...

My "but" looks HUGE! I need to start exercising. [hee hee hee]

Great entry! I didn't even know you had taken pictures. You're sneaky... I like that. ;o)