Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Day In The Life of Me

I know the title is technically wrong, but I like the way it sounds. So I'm going to keep it. I know I said I would post again during my Spring Break (last week). Obviously, I didn't. I had begun a post, but I never finished it. My break just flew right by. And upon returning to my classes I was promptly greeted by an utterly stupid amount of homework and studying (as if I didn't get enough of that during the break). Well, enough with the excuses. Let me tell you about my daily life *cough*school*cough*:
I wake up at 5:30am to turn off my alarm clock before it plays the music (the sound of it winding up is just enough to wake me up). Yes, I really do that. Yes, every day. Then I lay in bed until 6am. I do that because I don't like just waking up and getting straight out of bed. I like to be awake and rest for a while before I begin my day.
Then I grab my Bible off my desk and read a chapter, usually its from Proverbs (but my all time favorites are the Psalms and Ecclesiastes). Then I get dressed and all that. Then I lug all of my "school supplies" down the stairs. This includes a stack of textbooks and notebooks, my sweater (I take it everyday because the DA lab and the media center are always freezing cold!), my book bag, and depending on what day it is I'll take my laptop, my art stuff bag, and my very large sketchbook.
This takes two trips on a good day, and sometimes more on a clumsy day. I know what you're thinking: "why doesn't the genius put her books in the bag and lessen the trips?" Excellent point, except that on the days that I take my computer, books won't fit in my bag.
Here is my Tuesday/Thursday stack minus the laptop.

Here is my Monday/Wednesday/Friday stack. Much less than the other one.
When everything is downstairs, I fix myself something for lunch (or rather grab something edible and easy to pack from the pantry for lunch). Then I get a quick breakfast and fix myself a glass of chocolate milk. All of this I consume while sitting on the couch watching the FOX News Morning Show with my Dad, Manwë, and sister, Ilmarë, depending on which day it is.
I leave the house at 7am (it takes the same number of trips to load up the car). It used to be light when I left, but now, because of the confounded time change, it is very dark when I leave. If I don't get stuck behind a slow driver or run into "bridge traffic" it takes me about 45 minutes to get to school. I must add that getting stuck behind a slow driver would be a problem because the road I take is the only road the city where my university is and it is a one-lane-in-each-direction-road notorious for bad drivers. And I no longer posses the ability to pass other drivers because I now use my grandmother's old car that takes a really long time to speed up (I bet that makes Mom happy). But I shouldn't complain, It's very fuel efficient!
When I get to the campus I have two parking lot choices: the one across the road from where my classes are or the one across the very busy road from where my classes are. It's really not to bad, though. The campus is small compared to other universities.
Now, here begins the busy part of my days. I scheduled my classes and work hours one right after the other. In this way I make the most out of my time on campus. I don't like being stuck with hours in between classes because I don't really have anywhere to hang out besides the library, the DA lab, or the business/IT building (they have the best WiFi connection there).
Now I can't carry all of my books at once (naturally), so between classes I make trips to my car to retrieve and drop off my books. Another problem: Being a commuter student, I have no place to put my computer when I don't need it. So, when I bring it, I have to keep it with me all day. I also keep my wallet, power cord, hand sanitizer, and earphones in my bag. As you might imagine, this means my bag is always bulky and heavy. I think I must look like a bag lady or something. But, I figure, this is good. Now I don't have to feel bad about not working out, because lifting my bag and scurrying around campus up and down stairs with it would take care of that, right?
After work or my last class I walk down past the campus post office to my very own campus box to check my mail. Now, even though I am a fairly tall young lady, I require the assistance of a two-step footstool to reach my campus box because it is situated at the very top of the wall. I like this though. Its fun!
Here is my campus box. Isn't it cute!

Here it is again with the door open so you can see the old-fashioned locking mechanism. So cute!!
After the mail is checked I head home. Depending on which day it is, I usually get home around 4pm or 6pm (If I have a project its even later because I stay at the lab). I take my stuff back up to my room, get situated, etc. Then eat dinner with whoever happens to home (it varies day to day, especially during baseball season).
Then its Study/Homework Mode! (mostly its homework, which I've affectionally dubbed HW) And I do that until I can no longer function, can no longer think straight, or break down crying in utter loss in hopelessness ( warning:exaggeration!). Then I get ready for bed. Just before I crawl under the covers I take into account which day will come next and arrange my textbooks and notebooks into a neat stack according to what classes I have the next day. One less thing to do in the morning!
There you have it: a somewhat brief overview of my daily life. Not very exciting. Not very social (I do interact with other students and faculty and such. I must make that clear.)


Lady G~ said...

You not being able to pass other cars, does make me happy. :) That's what mom's want to hear...

I wish there was some way that a college degree like the one you and your sisters want to get and be done at home/online. I do miss having all my children at home. :(

...Estë... said...

Then I probably shouldn't tell you that I passed one the other day just to see if I could do it.....