Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Before the Storm......

I have finally planted my pineapples. I've had them in mason jars on top of our fridge since February. Please let me explain. I guess I should start from the beginning. At the end of January/ beginning of February (I'm not really certain at this point.) We bought a pineapple. We ate the pine apple. I read about how the left over tops of pineapples, which are called pineapple tops, (hehe, go figure) can be replanted and raised to bear fruit. "This is cool," I thought. So I researched it online some more. Then I prepared the pineapple top and set it in a mason jar. My little brother, Tulkas, and I had some fun with it and decorated to outside of the jar like sponge Bob's house. I set it on the fridge because it got too cold by the window. The only place in the house where I was sure the temperature would be fairly moderate was the top of the fridge. So that's where I put it.
I had absolutely no idea what this little "experiment/project" of mine would start. In mid February a couple from my church got married. And their fruit platter consisted mostly of freshly cut pineapples. After the reception ended we helped clean up and set everything back in order. The next thing I know, Mom is coming out the kitchen door with two plastic bags bulging with pineapple tops. The next day the top of our fridge was covered with spiky green hair (aka: a forest of pineapples was born).
Now it is recommended to keep them in jars filled with water for 3 to 4 weeks. Yeah......*pause*......yeah (maybe that's why only a few survived). The "cold spells" lasted longer than usual this year, so I couldn't plant them during my Spring Break. I had school until the first week of May. Then I was working on a graduation movie/slide show for my younger sister Yavanna. Then I was working on an anniversary movie for my parents. (Which, by the way, took forever because none of the pictures were in order. My hair is somewhat thinner because of that.) And now , as of yesterday, they are outside in a nice, neat, semi-straight row.

I am going to have to be very patient, though. It takes 2 1/2 to 3 years for each plant to produce fruit. I hope they survive in this harsh place. It's been raining pretty consistently lately, so I was feeling hopeful. That was, until I heard today's forecast: severe thunderstorms, heavy rain, and strong winds. "My poor little pineapples will be washed away," was my first thought. I planted them firmly, but I was worried about the soil in the row eroding away around them. So I went outside to get some pictures just in case I never see them again (this was during the half time of the Germany vs. Turkey game). It was already very windy. I couldn't even find a decent tarp anywhere to protect them with.
Then I looked back over my shoulder in the direction from which the storm was coming. There were some very dark clouds in the distance. It actually looked very beautiful. But I went inside (Didn't want to miss the game.) However, the game hadn't started yet. So I figured, why not? I went back out to get some pictures.

Directly over me the clouds where puffy and white. All the while off in the distance they were a deep dark blue. Now, it is very rare on our little bit of land to have flowers. let me correct myself: it is rare for us to have pretty flowers. Usually the only kind of flowers we have are those that grow on the pesky cacti that pop up out of nowhere. So I was surprised to find these cute little white flowers near our house.

As I have mentioned before, I really like flowers. So I took quite a few pictures. It was very windy out, so many of them did not turn out at all. Later on I adjusted the color levels in the GIMP (kinda like photoshop but free). It was fun and I got carried away. But anyway, back to the pictures.

This one has to be my favorite. I didn't have to do much adjusting to this picture. I like the way the flowers face towards the light. Even little weeds can give us life lessons.

The second time I went out my brother Eärendil had also gone out to feed Shadowfax and Bill. Whenever Eärendil goes out to feed the animals he takes Sam (our golden retriever) out with him. Well, Sam got into several of my pictures unintentionally (although I think he does those things on purpose sometimes). But this picture was very intentional. When he had finished making guest appearances in my shots he decided to lay down behind the house and peacefully wait for me to go in. I was about to call him over when I realized: Wait, this is a Kodak moment or whatever. I should take it. So I did. And here is our faithful Sam lying down in our grass-that-needs-to-be-cut, completely untroubled by the approaching storm. He just sat there the whole time enjoying each gust of wind as it came by. Oh, another life lesson. Write that down. (Sorry, I just watched A Blast From the Past.)
Then my battery died. This was God's way of telling me, "Hey, the game's about to start." So I called Sam over and headed for the house. Eärendil had already gone back in. When I got to the door I found that he had also "accidentally" locked me out.....again. So I knocked. And knocked. I know they can hear me, I thought. They're probably on the other side laughing at me for letting this happen again. After a while Tulkas opened the door and said, in a very serious, flat voice, "I didn't do it."
But it was all okay. I didn't miss any of the game. Huzzah!


Dreamer~ said...

Those aren't flowers... they're weeds!

...Estë... said...

They are only weeds when you don't want them. And I like them!
Also, update your blog!