Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chronicles of a World Changer part 3

Okay, so the first night we didn't go straight to sleep. Lights out was at 11pm. So I just stayed in my bed and took some pictures.

This is Ilmarë from my bed while I was lying down (was too lazy to get up).

Ilmarë again. She's texting airmanG, again.

And here we have Yavanna talking to Mom. Cell phones were only allowed in the rooms. And even then, they were only to call the family, not to chat with friends. That bookshelf behind her turned into our pantry. We gathered a lot of goodies throughout the week!

This is Sport with the other girls we were rooming with. Those girls were so funny!

Sunday morning breakfast was at 7am. I didn't feel tired at all by now! This was because we were in another time zone. And I usually wake up at 6am. So it felt like I got an extra hour of sleep (because I kinda did).
After breakfast we all gathered outside for a group photo of all the World Changers together. Then we all went back into the cafeteria to meet with our crews. I was on the Tool Timers. "Hmmm, it sounds like a roofing crew to me!" I thought. Every time I've been to World Changers I've been on a roofing crew. So I was hopeful. When I got to the Tool Timers' table I saw one guy sitting there already, Mason. A few minutes after I sat down two more guys came over, Blue Steel and Twin. They all greeted each other and started talking about stuff that was going on. "Do they know each other?" I thought. Now usually in World Changers they split up church groups so that people can meet new people. They usually put one guy and one girl from the same church together on a crew so that they know at least one other person. Why was that not the case this time?
I still didn't see Mischief (guy from my church), he was supposed to be on my crew. Anyways, our crew chief, crew encourager, and Mrs. H (lady chaperone from our church) came and sat down. We introduced our selves, etc. Then three girls came over and sat down at our table. They were all from the same church as well. Two of them turned out to be BFFs. Oh great! How will I deal with this all week long?! Mischief came in late, but I was glad to see him. He knew Mason because they were rooming together. (Our guys were sharing a room with another church as well.) I looked around the table. Everyone looked to be in highschool. I was glad. "Maybe they will be hard workers," I thought. "They look like good responsible people." But this also meant that I was the oldest non-chaperone on my crew. Yes! I have seniority! Maybe I'll get first go at the power tools! No one would believe that I had completed my second year in college. They said I looked too young. But I'm used to hearing that.
Then our crew chief made an announcement: He was not our real crew chief. Our first crew chief had to leave the night before because his wife was sick. So he left and took all his tools with him. So our new crew chief was chosen the night before. And he had no clue as to what he was doing! "Uh, that's okay," I thought. "No problem! I've done roofs before. I know the process."
He then proceeded to inform us that our project was to paint a Mr. Percy's carport and adjoining shed and put up ceiling tile in his house. He even said right then that we may not get it all finished by the end of the week. What! Since when does World Changers paint sheds? Now I can understand ceiling tile, but his shed? We are supposed to help people in need! I was confused and a little bummed to be stuck on a painting crew. But I tried to stay positive. Then I remembered that the Chief said he didn't know what he was doing. What kind of man is this? He doesn't know how to paint? And he doesn't think we'll finish in time? We haven't even looked over the place yet! How can he say we won't be able to do it? He doesn't even know! God are you trying to kill me? I didn't pray for patience!
"I know all about painting," said Mrs. H. "Okay, good," said the chief. "I'll put you and Encourager in charge with that and Mischief and I will do the ceiling tile inside." Mischief had done ceiling tile before, so he knew how. Thank you Lord! Things are coming together! Way to go Mrs. H!
Then we assigned crew positions. I volunteered for medic, Blue Steel and Twin were the break masters, Montana was the devotions leader, and Em was the Evangelism recorder.

Then we went to our host church's service. A man from the church, Mr. R, drove over to show us the way there. It was a fairly new church, just 18 months old. Yet they had sponsored a World Changers crew last year also! The church was in a plaza between a scrapbooking store and another store. The people there were very nice! And the service went right along with our World Changers theme this year: 1 John 1:5-7. That was pretty cool!
After the service the gave us lunch: Spaghetti, salad, and chocolate cake. The tables were small (sat 2 to 3 people). So the three girls sat at one table and the guys sat at two tables (I guess they like their space). So I sat at another table and Mrs. H joined me. Mr. chief and Mrs. Encourager sat at another table. They invited Mrs. H over. "I would but I don't want to leave her all by herself," she replied. I just wanted to leave at this point. I felt like I was in 7th grade all over again. I should be through with this! I'm in college now! Besides, I eat by myself all the time! I don't really care anymore!
Right then I just wanted it all to be over. That great sermon, those nice girls we were rooming with, that 19 hour drive, none of that seemed to be worth it then. I just wanted to get the heck away from these people and their stupid immaturity. Lord help me! I prayed through most of our drive over to our work site. Mr. R lived in that area so he said he'd drive us over. But he got lost. We found it eventually, though.
We met Mr. Percy and his granddaughter and gave them some spaghetti and the rest of the cake. He declined the cake, though. We looked around the house and checked on the tools given to us. All we had were the ceiling tiles, drop cloths, primer, paint, paint pans, and two rollers. No brushes, no sprayers, no bleach, no ladders, no staple gun. In other words we would not be able to work tomorrow until we acquired these things. So Mrs. H and I made a list.
Normally we'd go door to door in the neighborhood and let the neighbors know that we were World Changers and we'd be there early in the mornings working on the house making noise, etc. However, Mr. Percy didn't really live in a neighborhood. There were only a few houses and then there were fields of cattle. So we hopped on the bus and drove back to the school.
We arrived just in time for evangelism training. But it was done differently this year. In fact, it wasn't done at all. Then we went to crew position training. Surfer and Veggie (two guys from my church) were the medics for their crews. I wonder how that happened? They would be the ones to get hurt, I'd think. I found that to be intersting.
Anyway, I was feeling a little better about things by now. I knew that it was all just a matter of time and God would make everything work out okay. I just had to keep telling myself this over and over. I would start out the day right tomorrow. It was all going to be fine right? Right?


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