Monday, April 7, 2008

Things that Make My Day

1. When people do creative things and display them so others can see.

I saw this little guy on my way to work in the morning. I did a "double-take." He was just sitting out there beneath a tree in front of the library.

He definitely made me laugh! What a funny little guy.

2. Watching my grandma as I teach her how to text my sister on the phone.

Priceless! And a little frustrating at the same time.

3. Flowers

Especially climbing flowers.

Actually, I like any and every kind of flower except for the titan arum (also known as the "corpse flower").

4. Flying paper airplanes. Ilmarë made a whole bunch of airplanes to test for her physics class. So the other day we went out to play with them.

From left to right here is my younger brother, Eärendil , my youngest brother, Tulkas, and my older sister, Ilmarë. My youngest sister, Yavanna had gone over to Stepp's house for dinner. So she couldn't join us :(
I borrowed my Mom's camera to take these pictures. It's pretty sweet. I took a whole bunch, but these are just the highlights.

Ilmarë must first determine which way the wind is blowing...

...before she successfully launches her airplane.

Of course, I knew this was going to happen. Eärendil and Tulkas quickly became busy being boys and started throwing airplanes at each other.

Now this is one of my favorite pictures. My brothers are so cute!

Hey look! Its Shadowfax! Hahaha!

This is my brothers' signature picture pose. Tulkas' eye up close with Eärendil posing behind him.

Mom had to leave for a meeting. Hmm, the boys look a little mischievous don't they?

Even the simple things (like this stick here) can get Ilmarë excited.

here we have Eärendil putting a passenger (ie: an ant) on Ilmarë 's plane.

(This is what I will like like when the semester is over.)


Lady G~ said...

I love flowers too. :O) I so enjoy reading your entries. We'll have the same pictures, but we might "see" things in a different light. I love how you think.

Dreamer~ said...

It wasn't a stick... It was a branch...