Sunday, September 7, 2008


WARNING! The following content contains the ranting thoughts of a college junior on a cognitive rampage. Also, the content may give the impression that said junior may not like school. Let me affirm: the junior enjoys learning. The rest is up for interpretation.
School is kicking my butt. Its sapping my creative juices, absorbing every minute of my time, draining my bank account, drowning me in debt, and hurting my back (I have a heavy backpack). The construction projects on campus have me "re-calculating" my routes to and from classes and work. My parking options are dwindling as construction sites overflow into commuter parking. I can hardly get anywhere on time. I arrive at classes huffing and puffing and sweating like an athlete (which I pretty much could be if lugging a 50lb. backpack across campus were a sport). I need to rent a bike.
I have also been informed that the college of arts and sciences at Insertnamehere University are making changes to the programs. So any student not graduating this year will be affected. At this point all I can say is, "Bring it, Foo! You can't touch this!" I wish that could be true. And I hope that, even in typing that, I haven't jinxed myself.
I also have reason to believe that my professors are collaborating together on some kind of social experiment. I like to call it "How long will she last?" Even though I'd like to I can't really blame them, though. Class schedules have accelerated because of all the tropical storms and hurricanes that caused several days of canceled classes. If Ike even thinks of coming near here I'll kick his eye! If he had a butt I'd kick that too!
Glad I got that out of my system. ..... Back to homework. I'm making an animated triptych for a conceptual self portrait :) Seeing it work gives me a sense of accomplishment despite all that's going on.

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Lady G~ said...

I have laughed until I cried! I love your outlook and your sense of humor. You bring laughter into my life. Now if only I could bring laughter into yours and help things go along for you...