Friday, August 15, 2008

All Alone....

Well, today was an interesting day. Dad was at work all day. Ilmarë was working as a stand-in. So, she was gone all day. Yavanna and Eärendil went to Bush Gardens with our church youth group. So, they were gone all day. And then Mom and Tulkas went to Disney with Tulkas's friends. So, they were gone all day. This means that I was at home all day, all alone.

Well, the first thing I did after breakfast was fold the laundry. It was two full loads. About one and a half of those were whites. I've always disliked folding the white laundry (I'm not being racist here), because of all the loose socks that need to be paired. And I didn't have any help this time around either. But that's okay. I just went about my chores while watching FOX and Friends.

So, I went around the house getting all my chores done first. I actually finished rather quickly. But It was oddly quiet so I didn't want to go up to my room just yet. I grabbed a hula hoop and hula-hooped for a while.

After I had been hula hooping for a while I remembered that I had to put the clothes away. So, that's me hanging up my Mom's shirts.

While I was in my Mom's closet I found her Indiana Jones hat. Cheese!

Then I made some scans on Mom's computer. All this time I had the tv turned on to the news channel, just to keep it from being so still and quiet in the house. Because, seriously, it feels so eerie when its so quiet during the day. I will never be able to live alone! I can't even stand one day of empty-houseness.

I really liked that hat. But it seemed to fit kinda high on my head, like it would fall off or something. It felt a little odd, because I'm so used to caps.

Ok, I was really running out of things to do downstairs. So I made a card tower.

It was fun. And the hat was for concentrating (or something like that).


Yep. And I left it up all day. Its still up on the table right now. That's a sturdy card tower!

Well, after I finished with the cards I went upstairs and got on my computer (the tv was still on downstairs. Don't judge me.). I listened to some music and worked on a few projects that I'd like to finish before classes start.

Eventually I went back down to make myself some lunch.

A grilled-cheese sandwich! It was good. I kinda burnt the other side, though because I was taking pictures when I should have been paying more attention to what I was cooking. However, it was still good.

Well, for the rest of the day I was back on my computer working on my stuff, listening to music, etc. When Dad got home I went down to watch the Little League World Series games (I was rooting for Canada and Hawaii!). Canada lost to Venezuela, but Hawaii won! Yay!
Then we waited for Ilmarë to get home so we could go eat out. She got home late. But we went out to eat together anyways. We went to Oakwood BBQ. It hit the spot!

All in all, its been a pretty good, long day. Mom and Tulkas got home about 1/2 an hour after we got back from the restaurant and Yavanna and
Eärendil are on there way home as I type. The house is no longer as quiet! I have my peeps back.

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