Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Impromtu Photo Shoot

Well, I was outside the other day taking care of my precious little pineapple patch. It had gotten very weedy after more than week of neglect. (I got as sick as a puppy a few days after I got back from Mississippi.) Anyway, I was hunched over, deep in cultivating thought, when a bright streak of orange fluttered by. I looked up to see two sharp-orange butterflies gamboling around a nearby vine. Now that would make a very good photo, I thought. So I finished up and went in to get my camera.
Now the butterflies were not very cooperative. So I did not get many good pictures of them. But the ones I did get didn't turn out so bad.

The vine that they were fluttering around just popped up around our fence a couple of years ago. Since then it has grown all over the place. It has practically taken over that whole area where our old compost piles were. I still don't know what kind of vine it is either. I can't find it in any books nor anywhere online.

Look at that! Its even growing where there is nothing for it to get a hold of! At least its not an unsightly weed! I would hate to have to get rid of something that hardy because it was ugly.

Its very tough and, uh, curly? It even grows up on itself. I think its kinda cool.

Its a tangly mess when I think about it. But when I look at it its very pretty. I guess I should go and trim it back some, though. Its starting to take over the gate there. And we'll need to use that when we move Shadowfax and the goat to the other pasture.

This was the best picture I could get of the butterflies. I couldn't catch both of them at the same time. But I did get one of them. It was fun taking these pictures despite the burning fury of the sun. It was really hot. But it was worth it!
Until next time, adios!

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