Friday, August 1, 2008

Chronicles of a World Changer part 5

Wednesday was our half-day of work. It was still morning when Mischief came out of Mr. Percy's house and said he needed a break. He was frustrated. They had run into a problem with the tiling. So I went in to help and stayed in there for the rest of the day.
I could really feel the anxiety mounting in our leaders. I felt really bad for them. So I just worked as hard as I could and tried to stay positive. I honestly didn't know why they were so worried. We would get this done hands down, no problem. Staying late on the work site one or two days is no big deal either. If we had to, we had to. That's okay. But it would get done.
Mr. J (crew chief) would come to me through out the day and ask, "This will get done, won't it?" or "We will finish this by the end of the week won't we?" And I would always reply, "Of course we will!" Whenever Mrs. H heard him she'd say, "Don't be so worried Mr. J!"
We left the work site at 1pm and headed to the school. I noticed, as usual, that most of the other buses and vans were already in the parking lot when we pulled in. And the shower lines were a little longer than usual. But that was ok! We were going to have a great night off! I couldn't wait!

Does anyone recognize where we are? Anyone?? Its the birthplace of Elvis Presley! This was right in front of his house.

See, there we are right in front of his house (with a special guest appearance by Steps in the background)!

I liked this picture because they all seem to have the same pose.

The other youth didn't want to go see Elvis's birthplace! How can you come to the king's hometown and not visit his birthplace! ¡Increíble!
On a side note, this cannot continue without being mentioned, there was something wrong with the air-conditioning on our church bus. "Something wrong" as in it wasn't working! Ok it was working a little, very little bit. For once I couldn't wait to get to the mall.

We went to Mississippi's largest Mall (or so they say it was, anyway). It was pretty cool! they had this interactive mall map (as seen in the picture above). It was fun until it kinda stopped working. Um, It wasn't me. I was the one taking the pictures.

This mall had a Dick's Sporting Goods in it. With hula hoops. Pretty cool. Yavanna and Steps enjoyed it.

You will never be too old for unfolding pop-up tents. Especially when they come in hunter's camo.

Its so hard to get a group picture. So just wait for dinner time, that's usually a good idea. Also, I think it safe to say that Ryan's steakhouse is da bomb (they serve rootbeer there)!

After dinner we went to the movies to see Journey to the Center of the Earth. I wanted to see Wally, but oh, well. That's fine too. It was a really fun night off; hit the spot.
Thursday we were back on the site. I was back inside tiling the ceiling mostly by myself, which is fine with me. Well, Mr. Percy was in there too. Everyday he'd watch Little House on the Prairie on his little tv. So I'd get to watch as I worked. Yay, a perk!
By the end of the day all we had left to do was paint under the carport, finish the tiling (which was nearly done), and put up the molding indoors. That was it! But they were still on edge about the time issue. Oh, well! They'll see by tomorrow that it'll all be fine!!

This is what I saw when I got back from the showers that day:

Everybody was chilling-out after a long, hard, hot day's work. I took this as an opportunity to get some shots of the layout of our room while everyone's not busy. Yavanna is in her bed (with the yellow & green sleeping bag). My bed is the blue one beside hers.

And that's Ilmarë on her bed. Mrs. H's bed is the one all the way at the bottom.

And those are the beds of the three other girls from our church. See, we got our beds all nice and lined up along the walls. It was a big contrast to what I saw of the guys' room from their pictures! But they couldn't help it. They had over twenty people in one classroom!

The view from my bed.

Sport having fun munching on some snacks while Yavanna straightens her hair.

Let's hear it for snacks before dinner! We were all waiting for Yavanna to finish with Sport's hair so we could all go down to dinner at the same time.

All in all, it was a good day. I couldn't believe how quickly the week was going by though! The next day, Friday, was already going to be the last day!

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