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Chronicles of a World Changer part 6

Two last pictures and a story from that Thursday:

Mischief with the circular saw. A very bad idea.

Later in the day Mischief came inside and asked me for some duct tape. "Sure," I replied. But he had that "look" on his face. So I asked what he needed it for. It turned out that he sliced his pants with the circular saw. How is that even possible!? What the heck was he doing with that thing! "At least it didn't break skin," he said. I had been telling him all week, "No more injuries!" Yet he continued to do moronic things.

There he is doing something dangerous, once again.

There were some chipped tiles that were not suitable for using. It was nearing the end of our work day. And everyone was preparing to clean up, except for "those two". Blue Steel and Mischief thought it would be fun to hit the tiles with a hammer. So they took turns. One would swing the hammer while the other would throw the tile. Notice that Mr. Percy's truck is right behind him. Not smart! This went on for a while until Mrs. H caught them and told them to stop.

And then it was Friday. Our last day at World Changers. Mischief, Blue Steel, and I finished the last of the ceiling tile. And "those two" were very excited when they found a back-scratcher on one of Mr. Percy's old shelves. Blue Steel kept it with him all day long.

He would go around and scratch everyone's back with it.

This was just before our lunch break. The guy in the red shirt was from our host church. They brought us lunch everyday that week. On Friday they brought us taco bell! It hit the spot! They also brought choco-tacos. Those. Were. Good.

By this time of the week most of the other World Changer crews had finished their projects. Throughout the day a couple of kids from other crews went around helping out between my worksite and the other worksites nearby. Then, this one kid came along with his banjo. He was from the same church as the three girls on my crew. So he played a couple songs for us. And boy was he good at it!

Wicked-awesome banjo-playing kid.

Ta da! Mr. Percy's new kitchen ceiling!

And his newly painted shed.

And his new laundry room/hallway ceiling.

And there he is enjoying his newly painted carport. He would often come out of his house during the day and sit under the carport with a fly swatter and a can of wasp spray. Sometimes he would come out during some of our crew devotions and add some of his wisdom and experience to the lesson.

We stayed late Friday getting things done. By late afternoon all we had left to do was put in the molding. Only a few people could do that so the rest of us started cleaning up. Montana and I went around picking up trash. We were walking around the big tree near the back of Mr. Percy's lot when we found this little guy:

It was a dead rat! And Montana knew the story of how he came to be where he was. Apparently, the crew working on the house next to ours had been clearing out some junk. Then, all of a sudden, this dead rat fell on one of the girls' head. So one of the guys picked it up with a shovel and laid it next to the tree with this plastic water bottle for a grave marker. The guy had a shovel. I wonder why he didn't just bury it or something.

Mr. Percy has a lot of stuff. He has an interesting story too. He moved here to this little town with his mother when he was two years old. When he was twenty-two he became a Sunday school teacher at his church. Two years later he became a deacon. In 1945 he built this house that he still lives in today! And he built that metal shed in the picture there. Later on he said that he added two rooms to the back, but never got around to finishing them. That was the shed that we painted. Even as I walked around his lot I saw many of the things he acquired over the years. I'm pretty sure he could tell lots of stories about each and every one of them. Now that I think about it, I should have asked Mr. Percy if he ever met Elvis.

At the very back of his lot was this old pickup and an outhouse-looking thing. Oh, and I have to tell you, right after we arrived there Tuesday morning Mr. Percy told us that he had cut his grass the day before. He said he had done it so that it would be easier for us to work. He was so nice to us all week long! And he's an active man despite his age! He has a big garden and he takes very good care of his house and his lot.

This was so cool! Its an underground storm shelter! My sister Ilmarë went inside it (her crew came by earlier)

Doesn't it remind you of a hobbit hole?

After we had completely finished our project we gave Mr. Percy a World Changers sign and a Bible which we all signed for him.

We thanked him for letting us work on his house and took a few last pictures with him.

No comment.

Well, since we stayed late at the work site we got back to the school late (our work site was about 15-20 minutes away from the school). Now I figured I had two options:
1. Go to dinner first, then go take a shower chancing that I might be late for worship, or
2. Take a shower first chancing that I might be too late for dinner, but guaranteeing that I will make it to worship on time.
I didn't like cafeteria food anyways. I chose the shower first. So I dropped off the medic kit, chatted with the nurse for a bit, then headed straight for the showers.

*side note- My sisters and I have it down to a science: Before you go out to the work site in the morning, pack a "shower bag." This should include everything you'd need when you go to take your shower, including your change of clothes. Then take your shower bag down to the showers and put them in a locker there (Its usually at a school so there are lockers). This way when you get back from the work site you can go straight to the showers without having to make a detour to your room like most of the other girls do. This also means you will not have to wait in the shower line as long!

Okay, back on course. I headed for the showers. On my way I passed a lady coming out. "Oh," she said. "You're gonna have the whole thing to yourself." "Really?" "Yep," she answered. "Its empty now." So I went inside. It was quiet. Wow. This brought back memories from World Changers two years ago. Back then my crew and I got back late every single day! So I'd be down there in the showers all by myself. But, hey! This was fine with me! Now I get to pick which shower I want and can take as long as I want without having to worry about *shower nazis. So I picked the big one all the way and the back and waltzed right in while whistling a Tchaikovsky tune. The other girls from my crew came in within the next few minutes, but there were plenty of showers. *teehee* I took as long as I wanted!
So I rushed back to the room. I had just remembered that Dad, Ilmarë, Eärendil, and I were going to leave right after the worship service. I had packed away most of my stuff earlier that morning. But I still had to deflate my mattress! When I got to the room I saw that Ilmarë's stuff was all gone and Yavanna's things were all packed. I finished gathering my stuff when I realized I still have to eat! I'm hungry!
So I bolted for the cafeteria. Dad and my siblings were still there. The line was empty and they were preparing to clean up. But at least I wasn't the only one trying to get food. I wasn't quite sure what I was eating. I think it was fish. Whatever it was it was cold.
Anyway, during the final service we sat with our crews. Some of the home-owners came. We invited Mr. Percy, but he couldn't make it. After the service we had our final crew chat, exchanged e-mails, took pictures, and said goodbyes.
Then I loaded my stuff into Dad's car. My youngest brother,Tulkas, had his sectional games the next day. So we wanted to make it there in time to see them. Yavanna stayed behind to travel back with the rest of the youth the next day. So we said goodbye and began our trip back.
There were a few mishaps, some new changes, and some minor injuries this year at World Changers. But, all in all, it was a very good experience. I even made a really quick, short video/slideshow of our projects for when we would present during the service back at church. Check it out:

*shower nazi ~ a self-selected, adult World Changer chaperone that regulates the showers and calls out individuals that take too long or shave while in the shower. (Shaving in the shower is frowned upon in World Changers).

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