Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Finally Complete

As mentioned in my "About Me" section (look left) I enjoy drawing, etc. Well, as this new year began to approach I realized that I had so many "unfinished" sketches on my computer spanning all the way from the year 2005! So I thought to myself, "Self, Its time you finished something. You need to build up a presentable digital portfolio, or something." So two days before New Years I got to work. There was this one particular sketch that I made in the Summer of 2006. I scanned it onto my computer in 2007 and worked on it every once-in-a-while using the GIMP. So it was somewhat near being done when I began. I just finished it yesterday! This danged thing took almost 2 years to complete! I almost cringe when I see all those anatomical errors! My style has definitely changed since '06. And the background still needs a little work.
Well, let me tell bit about this picture. (I know this is a blog and not a gallery, but I am so tickled about it being done that I simply must say something or I'll go mad.) On Easter '06 we got Kingdom Hearts II for our PS2. We, then, bought Kingdom Hearts I (so we could play it in the right order). Needless to say, it became our (my older sister and my two younger brothers') favorite video game. So that Summer I drew my brothers in Kingdom Hearts style as characters in the game with their very own keyblades. Then I drew my sisters and I in Kingdom Hearts style as characters in the game, also with our own keyblades. As you might notice, this is the drawing of my sisters and I (now completely digitized!). Both pictures are two parts to the Bible verse:
"Though one may be
overpowered by another,
Two can withstand him.
And a threefold cord is not
quickly broken."
Ecclesiastes 4:16

So now I have a little series-thing goin' on. I like for all of my sketches to have some kind of meaning. Which is good and bad. Good because I really dislike it when you ask an artist a question about one of his works and he says, "It just is," or "I don't know." Bad because I find it hard to just sketch willy-nilly. I may wake up one day and think, "Today I'll sketch something just for fun." So I'll open my "just for fun" sketch book and grab my favorite pencil. Then I'll just sit there stare at the blank page because I don't know what to draw, because whatever it is it MUST have meaning! CDO *!! I can't draw unless it does! I annoy myself.

*obssessive compulsive disorder, but in alphabetical order (like it should be)

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Lady G~ said...

You my dear are an inspiration. Love your sense of humor. CDO... LOL!