Friday, January 25, 2008


Okay. Well, it has been a while since I put up a post. I've been busy with my classes. No, seriously. I'm very meticulous about my grades, to the point of resigning myself to hermit-dom for whole semesters on end. Which reminds me...
*side note*
I read a little icon the other day that said, "When work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die." That puts things into perspective. It reminds me of Ecclesiastes; I love that book. Despite popular belief, that book does give much hope. I think it just depends on where the one reading it is at spiritually in life.
*end of side note*
Every once in a while, when my homework load is light-er, I like to resurface to just catch a breath. My "resurfaces" usually consist of watching a movie, reading a non-school book, reorganizing some stuff, or in this case posting on my blog. Blog wins this time, huzzah! (I should really be doing homework right now. sshhh!)
At this time, like I said in my post about weapons of Math Instruction, I will now elaborate on a certain misconception about my person. First of all, I'm not smart, I'm not a nerd, I'm not a geek, I'm not tech savvy (as you could probably tell from my first post...). For some reason people just think I am. I'm not kidding you, last semester a girl in my class said, "Come in our group. You look smart." (um... no, this is my sleepy face.... It was an early class). Is it because I spend hours studying, or because I spend hours in the D.A. lab, would it be because I work in media services? (I'm just an unglorified video logger). I just do all those things to keep afloat. If I didn't do all that I'd fail every single one of my classes (or sink further into debt in the media services case). I'm really just average when it comes to academics.
Second, technology hates me! Something always happens! Even my own camera gets tempermental with me! I constantly hear the phrases "oh, that's never happened before," or "here, just let me do it," or "I don't know what you did..." or , my personal favorite "how did that happen?"(um, I have no IDEA!). Even common everyday machines look at me and laugh (what? do I have something on my face?) or smirk from inside their monitors or engines as they watch me calmly, then frantically attempt to find out what went wrong.
For instance (now, I'm going to re-enact this for you. So those imagining me, pay close attention!) , a couple of weeks ago I was driving home from a long day at Insertnamehere University when the front right side of my car began to lurch up and down. I immediately determined "this must be a problem with the axel." But then it did this freaky lunge and I heard something smacking something else under the hood. "umm...I hope this doesn't blow up." So I slowed down and calmly prepared to pull off the road. "Please don't blow up! Please don't blow up!Please don't blow up!" But why do people stick tall white wedge-things on the side of the road!? So, I couldn't pull over until I passed the blasted things. By this time my heart was vibrating and lurching in one accord with the car (no, it was not a beautiful thing).
Then I got out to take a look. The tire shredded and it was slowly deflating. See, look. All that for a menial blow out? Come on, if it caused me all that fright it might as well have been something more significant than a shredded tire! Maybe just a little explosion would have been okay? Wait, no, never mind.
All this to say, something about my presence causes bad things to happen with machines. They must not like me. But that's okay, the PS2 still loves me. And I reciprocate that by playing with it as often as I get the chance.
Well, that was a somewhat refreshing "resurface," talking about how technology hates me and people setting me up to disappoint them. Yes, very nice. Needed to get that off my chest. Back to homework, now! Dive, dive, dive! (You know, like in the submarine movies? )

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