Saturday, January 12, 2008


Quirkiness x 6 = me, I guess, is the name of the tag. (although I argue that the first six quirky things listed do not, in any way, sum up anyones' being, I will go along with this as I'm sure that that viewpoint was not the intention of the "tag".) This was sent to me by my Mom (which is yet another reason why I'm 'participating'). I find that this is very much like a chain letter, except that its not....(o.O) My Mom sent it to my sisters and I, so I don't really know who else to tag, unless I tag them back or pick six random strangers. And I'm not so sure about the latter(e_e)<<<*shifty eyes*
Well, moving on. In this tag you share 6 quirky or strange things about yourself. Ha ha ha ha...*cough*

The Rules~

1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six non important bizarre things/quirk/habits about yourself.
4. Tag six other people, link to their blogs and let them know by posting a comment on their blog or something.


1. Um, I don't like the sound of things rubbing or scratching against the carpet. (it bothers me more than nails on a chalkboard)

2. I believe that certain rules in grammar (as taught in classrooms) limit the potential of written English! Go ahead, look into the old classics and you will see amazing quality and a lack of adherence to the rules of grammar. (as they were probably not yet written.) I'll have to elaborate on this later.

3. My right eye is shaped like a football, but only my optometrist can tell.

4. The lady who cut my hair left one side longer than the other side, and only I can tell. (well, my sister Icarus can tell)

5. I don't like finishing lists.

6. ....

I just got to thinking, is this "tag" thing another ploy reflecting that "Six Degrees of Separation" idea? If it is then I'm not going to continue the "tag." Not because I disagree with the idea (which I kind of do anyways. Its mathematically as well as socially impossible. The problems that probability, distribution of the population, the fluctuation of the population (births, deaths), present to this idea is so ridiculously overwhelming that it will remain just that: an idea. But that's not the point). I just don't participate in chain letter, pass-it-on things.

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Lady G~ said...

Thank you for humoring me. And humoring me you did. :o)