Saturday, January 5, 2008

Insert Clever Title Here X

Sorry about the title for this post. The cold weather froze all my creative title
Well, I'm nearing the end of my Christmas Break. Around this time I start to remember all those things I told myself I'd do once my break began. And, simultaneously, I become greatly distressed for I find that I have not accomplished any one of my lofty goals or completed any of my uber cool projects. So, the last few days of my break I'm usually frantically whisking around all over the place trying to make the most of my homework and study-free time while I can. I must do the things I like before I won't have anymore time to do them. I usually find that in trying to cram so many things in at once I still haven't completed anything.
Here is a recap of what I have done/not done throughout this break for those of you that care to read on: I rented two of my favorite Tolkien books from the library and I've only gotten half-way through the first one! I've only made it to the third level in Call of Duty 4, and I haven't even reached level twenty on my third round of KH2. I still haven't sold my old textbooks. I still haven't found any free version of an animation software that's compatible with Vista. And I said that I'd definitely make it a point to frequently post on this blog. (I guess you know my motive for this post now).But I've (in my astounding lack of knowledge and blissfully unaware logic) finally come to the brilliant realization that if I pick one or two tasks and carry them out....(wait for it).....(because this is the good part).......I might actually get something done! Huzzah!! The good of logic-based thinking coupled with the strength of old-time knowledge triumphs again!! Well, actually, God probably just balled the two of them up and hit me on the head with it.But at least I realized it!!
So, lately I've finished two digital paintings and I've done a few sketches here and there. There is strong evidence of this sketching business I've been up to (aside from tucking myself away in my room all day). My giant pencil sharpener is filled with pencil shavings, my ruler, compass, protractor (I'm very particular about spacing, angles, and arcs), sketch book, and other various tools to my aspiring trade are taking up half of my desk-space, and I wore a hole through my pencil's eraser, see?

See that little yellow thing? That was the eraser. And if you look again, you'll notice that I also used up the first eraser on the pencil. Consequently, the little folds in my computer chair are abounding with eraser dust. And I may need to vacuum in here for methinks my carpet feeleth gritty with the bounteous profusion of lines unwonted that spilleth from my pages. (Just kidding about the second sentence). However, seriously, let me tell you something about myself:
I am nothing without my ability to erase

This is a bit odd because, as I mentioned in my "About Me" section (once again, look left) I like pen and inking. Which, as you may know/or not, it is a very unforgiving medium (in my hands anyway). Ah, this reminds me, I'd still like to ink one of my sketches before my break is over. Guess that means I have work to do! さよăȘら (Sayonara!)

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Lady G~ said...

I never cease smiling/chuckling when visiting your blog. I love you for being who you are. You are a priceless treasure...